Understand your business and logistics needs and supply as per your requirements

Warehousing and Distribution

APXCEL can guide and advise you on your options to provide you the storage needs, from importing the materials, by providing a safe storage in warehouses through our trusted service providers, to keeping an account of all the activities that might have taken place for your items.

Our friendly staff relive you of your worries and help you take care of the other aspects of your business in an easy way. We not only provide you with just a warehouse, we are committed to give a new direction to your business.

A good warehousing and distribution system is the key to success, it is our job to understand your business and logistics needs and support to them. With modern packaging and warehousing techniques system, we help you to deliver your customers in all time.

It is very easy now to get our help, advice and quotations for all requirements please write to us at info@apxcel.com, for quick inquiry kindly fill the form visible in right of your screen or fill an online contact form on our contact page.

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    Would you like to get your customs cleared for your cargo by us?
    Our team will ensure your customs clearance and Freight services will be handled in safe and secure way

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    Customs agents are there to simplify the services in smooth way between HM Customs & Excise and importers/exporters. Our knowledgeable agents will provide you professional assistance in the Customs rules and regulations

    Each case will differ from shipment to shipment and depends on the goods which enters the country. Some type of goods will take more time than normal. There will be additional verification like, Physical Examinations or documentation check to ensure the declarations are correct.

    HMRC, this will depend on the commodity codes, each commodity will have different. For detailed explanation on the same, please contact us and we will be happy to advise on your specific case.

    Your Customs clearance agent will advise you how much duty and VAT need to pay, we will invoice you for the same. You can pay us and we will pay customs on your behalf, or you can pay directly. But VAT and Duty needs to be paid to release it from HM Warehouse